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What our Clients Say
"Paul has been helping us with advertising, literature, publicity, newsletters and booth graphics for 12 years. He is easy to work with, and understands our business to the extent that there is little tweaking needed on his creative work. Paradigm's fees are quite reasonable, and I'd recommend Paul to any industrial business."
Gene Albrecht
Director of Marketing
Multipress, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio
"I have relied on Paul to be the 'voice' of our multi-national corporation, and his technical writing skills can be seen on our Web site, brochures, advertisements, white papers, online industrial directories, press releases and feature articles. His industrial marketing experience is an asset to us, and he works smoothly with our people here and overseas."
Glenn Hewson
Vice President, Global Marketing
Avure Technologies Inc.
Franklin, Tennessee
We call Paul our “ad guy”, and he has helped us in many ways, including our big new catalog, detailed case studies, product bulletins, trade show preparation, catalog pages for our distributors, and good-looking ads that have pulled a lot of qualified leads. I consider him an important part of our marketing team.

Andy Lachat
Riten Industries, Inc.
"updating our Web site has been a major project, and Paul has helped me greatly with good ideas on site architecture and well-written content. He has also initiated an aggressive publicity program, and, in my opinion, is worth every penny we pay him. Paul has worked very hard to learn and understand our business. Taking the time to know what we do has been vital in implementing a strategy that is paying off for our company."
Sheldon Smith
Sales Manager
Komar Industries, Inc.
Groveport, Ohio

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