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"There are only three marketing strategies:

  • Segmentation

  • Differentiation

  • Positioning"

  • Roger Brucker
    Industrial Marketing
    authority and teacher

Business-to-business advertising and marketing agency serving smaller businesses in Columbus and central Ohio

While many Columbus area advertising and marketing agencies cater to "deep pocket" clients, Paradigm is just the opposite. We seek to help smaller firms which don't have an advertising or marketing staff. Since 1991, Paradigm has helped dozens of Ohio firms grow and prosper, serving as their "outsourced" marketing department. We're experienced in business-to-business communications, knowledgeable in many industries, and very affordable.

Advertising, public relations, and literature messages emphasize user benefits supported by factual proof. No meaningless generalities, no unsupported claims, no advertising "fluff". Credibility and trust are crucial in the competitive business-to-business marketplace.

As a full-service advertising agency, we promise you productive work at affordable rates. All jobs are cost estimated before we begin, we come to you whenever and wherever in Ohio you need us, and there is no "nickel and diming" (travel time, mileage costs, phone, fax, copies, etc.).

FREE Business-to-Business Marketing Checklist.

Includes "Steps to the Sale", a self-evaluation of your competitive position, and a comprehensive list of applicable marketing tools.

E-mail us, and we'll send you a downloadable PDF.

For most clients, Paradigm is a full-service marketing and advertising agency, supplying all services to support the total marketing effort of companies in Columbus and central Ohio. For others, we are assigned selected product lines, or we can supply specific services such as advertising campaigns, marketing plans, new Web site content, brochures, public relations, or technical writing on a project basis.

Paradigm has done marketing and advertising work for a large number of business-to-business industries and products, both high- and low-tech. We've learned how to communicate effectively with engineers and other specifiers by understanding their problems and the ways our clients can solve them.


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